Launch Your Own Social Wi-Fi Marketing Platform 
and Help Local Businesses Monetize Guest Wi-Fi
"Social Wi-Fi is the Next BIG Thing in Local Marketing"
ūüõĎ STOP¬†Your Clients From Giving Away¬†
Free Wi-Fi And Getting Nothing In Return...
The Opportunity Is HUGE!
The Old Way of Connecting to Free Guest Wi-Fi...
Now, There's A Better Way...
How Does Social Wi-Fi Marketing Work?

And How Is It the Fastest, Most Undisputed Way to Building You a Full-Time Income As a Local Consultant?

The Customer Experience
Customer connects to a business' Guest Wi-Fi connection on their smartphone, tablet or laptop.
Customers need to login with their favourite social media account, email or phone number to connect. 
Customer is encouraged to share on Social Media and "Like" the business' Facebook page to access Free Wi-Fi.
Automatically send custom notifications and view real-time data to increase ROI and build customer loyalty.
Supercharge Your Local Marketing Agency
Are You A Local Marketing Consultant?
Here's What You Can Do With Social Wi-Fi Marketing
5 Minute Setup
Collect Data
Automate Marketing
How Can Local Marketers Make Money 
Selling Social Wi-Fi Marketing Solutions?
So Many Ways To Monetize Wi-Fi For 
Your Local Business Clients
Local Marketing 
  • The ultimate ice-breaker - the days of rejection are over!
  • Build new revenue streams that provide tangible results
  • Plant seeds for future services (massive upsells)
  • Integrate with Loyalty programs for viral growth
Social Media 
(Build Engagement)
  • Generate more Facebook likes and engagement
  • Boost your Facebook Audiences faster than ever
  • Increase Facebook, Twitter and Instagram followers
  • Deep link to social media profiles and chat bots
Reputation Marketing 
(Get More Reviews)
  • Generate more reviews with actual user experiences
  • ¬†Encourage positive reviews and drive brand engagement
  • ¬†Influence customer opinions using Guest Wi-Fi¬†
  • ¬†Increase reach with TripAdvisor and Yelp integrations¬†
Facebook Ads & Media Buyers (Retargeting)
  • Build targeted audiences with Wi-Fi - manage ads!
  • ¬†Add your own Facebook and other retargeting pixels
  • ¬†Collect valuable details about your audience trends
  • ¬†Run targeted ads and engage with post-login video
PPC/Lead Gen 
(Email Collection)
  • Setup the FASTEST way to generate leads, ever!
  • ¬†Build a REAL email list with rich user profiles
  • ¬†Automate your marketing by integrating with your CRM
  • ¬†Integrate with Zapier for 750+ integration possibilities¬†
Web/App Developer 
(Increase App Downloads)
  • Create specialized microsites for post-login experiences
  • ¬†Boost app downloads with automatic redirects
  • ¬†Build funnels and redirect WiFi traffic to your offers
  • ¬†Integrate your landing pages and post-login experience
Affiliate Marketing 
(Generate Commission)
  • Run ads to Free Wi-Fi users to generate revenue
  • Use the built-in Ad Server to run your own ads
  • Upload your own banners, embed video or your own code
  • Run AdSense or other network ads (CPA/CPC/CPV)
(Store Traffic & Sales)
  • Integrate Shopify to allow in-store users to shop on Wi-Fi
  • Integrate ClickFunnels push users directly into a funnel
  • Integrate Stripe or PayPal for paid Wi-Fi access
  • Redirect to any online product or order form
Instant ROI For Your Local Marketing Agency
See How Your Local Business Clients Easily and Automatically Win BIG 
With This Plug-and-Play ‚ÄėSocial Powered WiFi‚Äô Solution
Use This Forecasting Calculator 
To Estimate Your Revenue Potential

Auto Lead Generation

Automatically build targeted email lists of customers who have been in your clients actual location.

Monetize Free WiFi

Sell advertising to sponsors and grow your own Social Powered Wi-Fi Advertising network with recurring revenue.

Grow Social Media

Increase social media presence and engagement with integrated social login and sharing options.

Scalable & Affordable

We offer cost effective pay as you grow options to allow you to scale your business at your own pace.

Start Your Social Powered Wi-Fi Business Today 
With A Proven White Label Solution
Trusted Platform Used By Thousands
of White Label Resellers Worldwide
If You're Looking For Features...
It's All About Integrations!
Integrates With All Email Autoresponders, CRM & Zapier

Information of users who connect to your Free Wi-Fi service is automatically sent via API to auto-responders such as Aweber, Mailchimp, iContact, GetResponse, Active Campaign and even Zapier with 750+ integrations!

Your own branded Wi-Fi platform, allow your clients and staff  to login under your own brand.

Free Wi-Fi login methods include Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, VK or just regular email.

People who connect to your Free Wi-Fi are redirected to your custom login page.

Automate email list building by connecting your favourite autoresponder or CRM.

Landing pages can be created in your language for a custom user experience.

Limit the max amount of bandwidth each connected user can consume.

Set user connected time limits for promotions and prevent internet squatters.

Change your landing pages automatically by settings up a campaign schedule.

Let your clients log to your branded WiFi platform with multi-level permissions.

Learn who your clients best and most loyal customers are with full analytics and reporting.

More Features Than Any Other Social Wi-Fi Marketing Platform... Guaranteed!
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The White Label WiFi Package
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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to be technical to use White Label WiFi? 
NO! White Label WiFi can be deployed in the matter of minutes. Adding a device to our platform and building your first campaign takes a few minutes. No technical experience is needed to use White Label WiFi! 
Can I purchase my own hardware to use with White Label WiFi? 
YES! As long as you use one of the supported hardware devices you can purchase your own hardware from your local computer shop and install our custom firmware yourself. However we also offer preflashed and tested routers in our store so all you have to do is ‚Äúplug and play‚ÄĚ.¬†
Can I purchase pre-configured White Label WiFi Hotspots directly from you? 
YES! You can purchase pre-configured White Label WiFi Hotspots directly from our online store. We pre-configure and test these devices so it’s simple plug and play. 
Will this work in my country? 
YES! White Label WiFi is a SaaS cloud solution which allows you to manage and control White Label WiFi Hotspots and locations from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Our landing pages can be translated into any language for a personal user experience. 
Which languages do you support? 
White Label WiFi campaigns can be created in English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Dutch, Norwegian, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Turkish, Italian, Thai, Slovenian. Don’t see your language listed? No problem simply contact us and we can add your language to our library of supported languages. 
Will my customers know I am using White Label WiFi? 
NO! We allow you to fully brand your White Label WiFi account with your logo, branding and custom sub domain. What can I charge my clients for Social Powered Wi-Fi Marketing services? When you get started with White Label WiFi you get instant access to our training and strategy sessions which cover how to sell, price and position your Social Powered WiFi Marketing services. 
Which social network login options do you support? 
Currently we support Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Instagram and Vontakte as social connection options for users to use when connecting to your Free Wi-Fi connections. 
Do I have to be in the location to manage their Social Powered WiFi hotspot?  
NO! The White Label WiFi platform allows you to manage your devices from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. 
Can I limit the amount of bandwidth and time users can consume?
YES! Each location you set up can be adjusted for maximum bandwidth and timed internet access limits. 
Which autoresponders do you currently integrate with? 
Currently we integrate with GetResponse, MailChimp, iContact and SendReach. We are currently in the process of adding a number of other top mail service providers and CRM’s. 
What is the minimum recommended internet speed to use White Label WiFi? 
We recommend a minimum or 5MB down and 5MB up speed of your internet connection which is much less than your average high speed internet connection speed. Faster Internet connections will result in improved performance for your connected users. 
What is the signal range of typical White Label WiFi routers? 
Depending on the conditions of where your White Label WiFi Hotspot is setup distances can vary between 50-100 feet. 
Can I use patio extenders to extend the Wi-Fi signal? 
YES! Adding patio extenders to White Label WiFi Hotspots takes minutes to setup and can drastically enhance the signal range of your Wi-Fi connection. We offer a number of supported patio extenders which are available in our store. 
How does advertising work with White Label WiFi? 
You can easily add banner advertisements and sell advertising space on your landing pages to relevant sponsors. We cover the entire advertising monetization strategy as part of the training you receive when you get started with White Label WiFi. 
Do I get marketing materials with White Label WiFi to help me sell the service? 
YES! You will receive instant access to our marketing materials and training when you get started with White Label WiFi.
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